Erick H., Age 58, Co-Owner of Jubilee Farm

“I was hopeful but not expectant when I began seeing Carla.  I had found other experiences in methods of treatment outside the pale of standard western procedures to be ineffective.  I had learned to live with the pain that I was assured (by regular doctors) I would have all my life.  But the pain became acute—almost unbearable—and I seemed to be faced with the alternatives of drugs, alcohol, or something more drastic yet.   The day I first saw Carla I was in extreme discomfort; I literally writhed on the table.  I don’t know how it happened, I’m not sure Carla knows exactly how it happened, but somehow at the end of 90 minutes, the pain was gone: completely gone.  That night, for the first time in ages, I slept through the night, and awakened with the amazing feeling of not being in pain.  The pain still has not returned.

“I see Carla as an extraordinarily gifted healer. Her lack of pretense is disarming, refreshing beyond words, and so different from other clinical situations I’ve been involved in. Going to see her is both physically and spiritually uplifting.”

Barbara Y., Age 59, Massage Therapist

“She’s a wonderful facilitator in helping my body’s natural tendency to open and release any areas of holding.  During a session I notice a very deep sense of letting go, not only on the physical level, but emotional and spiritual.  These sessions have brought more awareness to my breath and a deeper connection to my body.  Carla’s space she practices in reflects the presence she brings to her work, full of compassion and love.”

Andy F., Age 32, Environmental Educator and Arborist

“I have been a client of Carla’s for over two years now and have greatly appreciated her services.  During this time I have worked as both a hard laboring tree-climber and arborist for a small residential tree service company and as an environmental educator.   I can say that Carla is very intuitive in her practice and on many occasions I have gained important insights about my body and state of health through discussing the parts of the session that were most significant to both of us.  I can also say that I always feel significantly better after our sessions.  Carla is a very gifted therapist and has given essential support to my health and healing since I have been a client.  She is very professional and extremely dedicated to helping people lead balanced and healthy lives.”

Jeff P., Age 57, Financial Advisor

“I believe that any service provided to someone should have additional value, something that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve had massage done by many professionals over the years, and found that Carla goes above and beyond. The best quality she consistently gives is the way she asks and listens to what an individual’s needs are and then is able to do what’s necessary in providing that attention with positive results.  The highest compliment is to refer someone’s services and that’s what I would do without hesitation.”

Kimberly G., Age 42, Herbalist & Homemaker

“When I turned 40, I noticed that my body was changing. I would get aches and pains that simply didn’t go away even after a couple of months. I was beginning to think this was just what life was like when one gets older. Then, I started going regularly for cranial sacral work with Carla. My shoulder pain has cleared up. My back is getting stronger, and the held tension is draining from my body. I am not grinding my teeth as much as am actually carrying myself differently. After a session with Carla, I feel more grounded, more relaxed, and more in touch with my body. Now, instead of feeling like my body is getting more and more sore and fragile with age, I feel I’m getting stronger, healthier and more connected to myself and the earth with each passing day. I feel healthy now, and look forward to being a vibrant, healthy elder in my community.”